One of the reasons Vasper’s technology is revolutionary is that it delivers the benefits of anaerobic exercise to individuals dealing with injury, illness or condition. Vasper technology focuses on the science of rejuvenation through exercise and is specifically engineered to maximize the effect. Through naturally increasing the body’s production of anabolic hormones Vasper creates the physiology of vitality and healing and is a powerful complement to an existing rehabilitation regimen. Medical professionals who have their patients using Vasper are reporting incredible transformations and better outcomes earlier in the rehab process.


Expedite recovery after injury

Accessible for physically compromised persons

Rapidly improve strength, energy and endurance

Safe, sustainable and engaging

Increase immune cell count in the bloodstream, optimize immune function

Significant increase in sleep quality

Decrease inflammation

"I have been fighting through injuries for quite some time. Since starting this workout, I have noticed significant changes in the amount of pain that I feel. I’ve had no inflammation in any joints and I no longer notice much knee pain at all, or aches in my foot or ankle. This workout truly is helping my body to heal itself."


"Since offering Vasper therapy to my patients, I have seen incredible improvements in not only their health and disease, but in their motivation to continue to manage their health. It really has been a game changer for my patients with neurological disease. It is finally a highly effective treatment that does not have to be consumed, injected, or infused and does not come with toxicity concerns or adverse side effects. My patients with neurodegenerative disease have seen a slowing of progression, and patients with TBI and concussion have had improvement in their symptoms. Importantly, my patients with mitochondrial dysfunction have experienced significant improvements in their fatigue and muscle pain. In addition, the increased oxygen perfusion and improvement in neurotransmitter balance has greatly helped those with depression, pain, and anxiety. I am so happy to have the Vasper for my patients."

ILENE RUHOY, MD, PHD Center For Healing Neurology, Seattle, WA

"On March 7, 2011, I suffered a traumatic injury to my right ankle. I was told I would never run again. A year later, I posted the top triple jump distance in the US. I feel confident adding Vasper to my standard rehabilitation program helped me beat the odds of my injury and helped me to recover faster than any of my doctors expected. My time at Vasper has renewed my hope of competing. Thank you for believing in my dreams!"

ERICA ASHLEY MCLAIN US Olympic Track & Field Athlete

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