Mission statement

Our mission at Vasper is to awaken total health, peak performance, and human potential through revolutionary biomimicry technology and the natural intelligence inherent to all of life.

Our Story

When Peter Wasowski moved from California to Hawaii with his family in 1998 he was pre-diabetic and was experiencing traumatic arthritis from two fractured ankles earlier in his life. His blood sugar level deteriorated and the pain in his ankles increased with Hawaii’s tropical climate. Peter realized that the quality of his life was decreasing rapidly and decided to do everything possible to address the root cause of his health conditions. The Vasper technology was born out of the necessity Peter felt to improve his health and his life. After testing out the first prototype, Peter’s pain in his ankles decreased and later disappeared. A few weeks later he passed his glucose tolerance test for the first time in 42 years. Peter realized his invention can change lives.
At the time his mother in law was also living in Hawaii and experiencing her own health issues with poor balance, energy loss, joint pain and poor circulation. After using Vasper almost every day her transformation was nothing short of profound. Her strength, balance and energy was restored to levels that she had not experienced in decades. Soon after, Peter began introducing Vasper to more friends and family; the compiling anecdotal evidence showed the revolutionary benefits of the Vasper technology. What started as a backyard project in the lab in Hawaii has grown into a world-renowned technology impacting health and performance across the globe.

Peter WasowskiFounder / CEO

Peter Z. Wasowski is the Founder and CEO of Vasper Systems. Peter has over 48 years of experience in the field of medical technology and vascular health. As manager of Clinical Development for GE Medical Systems, Peter worked all over the world, including his native Poland. Later, he became Co-founder and CEO of CoolSystems, Inc where he helped create GameReadyTM, an active compression and cold therapy recovery system that has become the industry standard in professional sports care and rehabilitation. As a true visionary, Peter fused his extensive knowledge and experience with his passion for expanding human wellness to create the Vasper System. Today Vasper is used by the US military, Stanford University, UCSF, UMASS, Olympic and professional athletes, physicians and countless individuals from around the world. Whether he’s spending time at his home in Hawaii or doing research and development at the Vasper headquarters in California, Peter is always driven to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Sebastian Wasowski Co-Founder / President

Sebastian Wasowski is the co-founder and president at Vasper Systems. He has been working alongside his father, Peter Wasowski, since Vasper was a project in the backyard. Sebastian believes that living with vitality is the catalyst to expanding human consciousness and is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives. His study of health and peak performance, along with this core belief, led the way in establishing Vasper systems across the world and in training the US Military, professional athletes, medical professionals and Vasper’s rapidly expanding client base. In college Sebastian studied Ayurveda at the Mt Madonna Institute and recently completed his first yoga teacher training in Santa Cruz, California. Growing up in both the Bay Area and the Big Island of Hawaii, Sebastian loves spending time in the ocean and exploring nature. It is his belief in the interconnected unity of all of life that feeds Sebastian’s desire to make a positive impact the world.